A MobBotTeam Project

What is it?

A superior bot, free of charge.

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Our Bot was made with the community in mind. by taking suggestions and actively listening to what our users have to say, we make what the users want to see.

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Thanks to the addition of Proxies and the low ressource usage, users are able to run hundreds of instances at once.

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Thanks to our talented developers, our Bot can easily pass itself as a real player. Wether it be catching pokemons, visiting pokestops or walking around.

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A talented team

Wether it be the moderators, developers or helpers, our team is composed of friendly robots with a strong feeling of unity. We work tirelessly to make the community better, everday.

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Bot anywhere, anytime

Through coordinates, you may relocate the bot anywhere. Thanks to the use of proxies, you can be worry-free about detection.

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Our Bot's source code is fully available under the AGPLv3 license, allowing anyone to use, modify and resell it.


Demonstration straight from our users.


Without you, this would never of existed.


Moderators and Developers alike, they wake up everday, go on with their daily lives and spend their free time tirelessly working on the Community and the PokeMobBot Project.

Github Contributors

Wether it be past developers or small-time contributors, the countless amounts of people who submitted pull requests is what truly makes this a community-oriented project.


Their original work on the API is what granted us the possbility to develop PokeMobBot.

Our Donators

Big or small, donator contributions allow us to maintain and expand our community. All our expenses are made public.